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A few years ago I was caught up in taking care of everyone else and ignoring my own needs. I was a critical care nurse taking care of the sickest of the sick at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The hours were crazy and I was also juggling grad school.

Fast forward a couple years and I found myself in an equally stressful job away from the bedside, juggling crazy hours, and this time a family.

I developed an autoimmune disease and at my worst had hives for 5 straight years! I was dealing with fatigue, cystic acne, migraines, chronic pain from endometriosis, and multiple food sensitivities.

My body couldn’t take anymore. I was too sick to function. Too sick to care for my infant son.

Emotionally, I was shot. I was so tired and burned out that I just felt numb, even to the good stuff in my life.

Spiritually, I didn’t know my place anymore. I had gotten my master’s degree to take care of domestic violence and sexual assault patients and I wasn’t doing anything close to that. 

I wasn’t able to be the mom I wanted to be because I felt so awful.

I was lost.

At first, I turned to my doctors. They were no help. When the medicines they prescribed me didn’t work, they threw up their hands and told me it was in my head. I even had a doctor tell me “well you’re a little bit nuts, so maybe if you learned to relax this would go away”. 

I felt shamed. 

I must have brought this upon myself somehow.

I felt like I was being punished.

After the shame and despair faded, I got angry. Angry enough to do something about it.

I refused to accept that there were no answers or solutions for me, so I started researching alternatives.

For the first time ever, I started finding the answers. I found healing through food and lifestyle changes (things I once considered woo-woo). I was amazed at how much better I felt with some changes in what I ate, how I slept, and through practicing meditation.

But food and lifestyle were only part of the solution. Flare ups were returning and I still felt disconnected from joy and happiness in my life. Everyday felt like I was just going through the motions.

I didn’t know who I was anymore if I didn’t feel awful all the time. I didn’t even think I deserved to feel better.

That’s when I turned to emotional and spiritual work. I needed to reconnect with myself and my purpose in this life.
It was only through doing this work that I made tremendous leaps in my health.

Now I help women in the same boat as I was. Women who take care of everyone else, putting their own needs last, to the point of making themselves sick.

Women who just feel flat and like they’re going through the motions in life. I help these women get their health back on track and find their zest for life so that they have more energy and passion for the things and people they love

If you read this and said ”me too!”,

I can help you.

I believe in listening to your story,

and getting down to the root causes of what’s keeping you sick and holding you back. 

There is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to your health and life. 

I will work with you to find your solution. If you’re ready for the support you deserve, click the button here to schedule your free self-care assessment. 

My Experience, Skills, and Background:

RN for 17 years with experience in Emergency, Critical Care, and Forensic Nursing

Leadership roles in nursing education and health care quality

Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Specialized training in sexual assault and domestic violence

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Graduate of Functional Nutrition Lab’s Full Body Systems and Digestive Intensive

Countless hours of self-study and continuing education in functional medicine, emotional, and energetic healing

Specialized training in sexual assault and domestic violence

Most importantly, I can help you because I’ve lived all of this myself. Burnout, resentment, back injuries, MRSA, hives, autoimmune disease, you name it, I’ve been through it!

The good news is that there is hope and I can show you how to get your health back and love your life again!

Traditional doctors have their place but if you want to change your physical and mental health call Alida and follow the instructions she gives you.  My life was in danger and God put a woman who has a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in my life. When God sends help he sends the best. Thank you Alida, I am alive today thanks to me meeting you.



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